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Mexican food has long been one of the most popular types of cuisines found in the Albuquerque area, with a special emphasis placed on Baja style traditional food. From the seafood tacos found at Backstreet Grill to the traditional posole and tostadas found throughout the metro area, Albuquerque has long been known as a top destination for those interested in exploring the Baja Mexican food characteristic of this part of the country.

What is Baja Mexican Food?

Baja California, officially known as the Free and Sovereign State of Baja California, is a state in Mexico that borders the American state of California to the north. Baja California is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the West, the Gulf Of California to the East, and the sparsely populated Baja California Sur to the South. As a geographic extension of Southern California, Baja California shares many of the same flavors, ingredients, and culinary approaches found in the Baja California traditional food served in the US. Baja cuisine is known for its use of fresh and nutritious local ingredients, as well as its unique Baja California flavor, the result of seafood, fresh herbs, and plenty of spices.

Baja Mexican food recipes are known for utilizing fresh seafood (particularly their fried fish tacos), high-quality beef, and wheat tortillas. Surprisingly, the region’s largest city, Tijuana, is also the purported home of the Caesar Salad, created by Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant, in 1924. If you are exploring traditional Baja food for the first time, make sure to check out famous local dishes like Gallo Pinto, MAchaca, and the famous De Apoyo cheese to really explore the region.

Backstreet Grill

Backstreet Grill was founded in 2012 by Chef Christopher James Cordova to bring traditional Southwest Baja Cuisine to the fine dining scene in Albuquerque. Known for stellar food and reasonable Baja fresh menu prices, Backstreet Grill has quickly separated itself from the rest of the Mexican food industry in Albuquerque by focusing on the promotion of local Baja dishes that utilize local ingredients and traditional flavors.

Our full-service restaurant seats 170 guests and our expansive menu offers a variety of traditional Baja Mexican dishes for our customers, with a focus on bringing healthy and affordable Baja Mexican food to the Albuquerque community. Ask your server about our authentic Baja dishes, such as our table-side made guacamole, Baja sandwiches, and famous duck tacos!


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