Make a great impression for you next party when you bring the most delicious and creative Baja style cuisine in Albuquerque.  Backstreet Grill will provide the most affordable catering service in Albuquerque. Serve your guests the homemade South West Baja Cuisine that Chef Christopher James Cordova masterfully creates. Enjoy the best catering service in Albuquerque when you choose the Backstreet Grill for your next catering event. With the Baja style dishes made from delicious aromatic ingredients that Backstreet Grill prepares, your guests will enjoy good food and a good time.

As one of the top catering restaurants in Albuquerque, we offer the freshest and most authentic South West Baja Cuisine and recipes in all of Albuquerque.  Backstreet Grill is prepared for seasonal catering, wedding catering and/or yearly corporate catering events.  Call Backstreet Grill for your next Albuquerque catered event.  We look forward to serving you and making sure your catered event is well planned and arranged. Request A Quote.


Back Street Grill in Old Town offers the best South West Baja Cuisine catering in Albuquerque. Whether it is at your home or office, Back Street Grill will provide party platter trays that will make your party hassle free. We offer a variety of Baja style catering platters with our fresh regional ingredients for your next party – large or small. If you are looking for authentic Mexican food catering menu items or buffet dishes that are on the lighter healthier side, Back Street Grill will not disappoint you or your guests.

Are you in charge of planning that special birthday party for that special someone? Call Back Street Grill in Albuquerque for a variety of Baja style catering food options. Let us know what you want for your special party. Back Street Grill offers a one-of-a kind catering menu with speciality party platters that will impress your guests at your next home or office party. Even better…your party planning will be worry-free! Choose from our delicious Mexican food party platters that will satisfy your guests and make that special birthday one to remember.

Back Street Grill offers the best catering prices in Albuquerque with a wide variety of homemade South West Baja Cuisine catering party platters. We are your top choice for catering service in the Albuquerque area. Are you planning a casual party for your family and friends? Back Street Grill is your answer for creative party trays that you can order for pick-up or let us bring them to you. Maybe you are planning an upscale party – large or small – check out our catering menu for a variety of South West Baja Cuisine cuisine buffet dishes and catering party packages with the most reasonable catering prices in Albuquerque.


Back Street Grill in Old Town Albuquerque is the number one choice for your important corporate event. You can rest assured that all of the details will be covered and your guests will enjoy fine Baja style cuisine at your next catered corporate event in Albuquerque. Call us and let us hear about your corporate catered event needs. Back Street Grill offers a variety of catering menu items and buffet dishes that will serve a small or large casual or upscale corporate event.

When you are in need of a quality catered corporate event in Albuquerque, Back Street Grill in Old Town is excited to offer a variety of catering menu options that will make it easy for you to build a successful and delicious corporate catered event. Look over our catering menu options and give us a call and we will help plan a memorable corporate event that will impress your colleagues and co-workers.

Whether you are planning a small business luncheon or a large scale corporate event, Back Street Grill has the expertise and creativity you are looking for to make your corporate event unforgettable. Rest assured that we can provide a catering package at a reasonable price with a guarantee of quality made South West Baja Cuisine dishes from fresh regional ingredients.


Look no further than Back Street Grill in Old Town Albuquerque for the best buffet catering in the area. We offer many types of buffet catering options that bring the authentic Mexican food taste right to your home or office. Take the hassle out of planning a holiday or office party event and call Back Street Grill to hear about our competitive buffet catering prices and services.

What better way to let your family and friends know how much you care than to provide a homemade South West Baja Cuisine catered buffet? Back Street Grill has catered buffet packages to fit your needs. We can put together a catered buffet from our many creative menu options that will bring the great South West Baja Cuisine taste to your home or office.

Your top choice in Albuquerque for a buffet catered event is Back Street Grill. We offer the best buffet catering prices and services in Albuquerque. At Back Street Grill you can choose from a variety of catering menu options for your buffet that will fit your needs whether you are having a casual gathering or large upscale event.

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