Best Tacos in Old Town Plaza Albuquerque

Best Tacos in Old Town Plaza Albuquerque

Old Town Albuquerque is a unique, historic attraction in itself. Residents and travelers alike love strolling around Old Town for its vintage architecture, boutique shops, cultural offerings, and New Mexican restaurants. The Old Town Plaza is one of Albuquerque’s most famous landmarks, and trying the best tacos in town at the nearby Backstreet Grill would make any visit to Old Town truly complete.


Mexican Tacos in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is a vibrant and diverse city full of excellent New Mexican restaurants. Whether you’re seeking a truly authentic Mexican food menu or some modern fusion, Albuquerque has a lot to offer. There are dozens of awesome Taco restaurants in every district, and the city’s locals are lucky to have the time to try them all. Backstreet Grill is hailed as one of the best Mexican restaurants in Albuquerque thanks to its beloved chef, exhilarating flavor combos, and fresh ingredients.


Best Tacos in Albuquerque

Lovers of Mexican food in Albuquerque are discerning fans who love searching for the best tacos in Albuquerque. It’s a challenge. You’d have to try all the best Mexican taco restaurants in Albuquerque, and pick from personal preference. If you’re going to sample a taco menu in any of the best taco places to eat in Albuquerque, you might as well try for the highest-quality taco plate. The best taco restaurants will always make their tortillas from scratch, use the freshest ingredients, and won’t scrimp on the meat of your choice. Local reviews agree that Backstreet Grill’s special duck tacos are definitely on the list of the best tacos in New Mexico.


Vegetarian and Fish Tacos in Albuquerque

We cook our New Mexican food with a lot of love, care, and technique. Our Mexican food menu is varied and expertly curated for any foodie. Backstreet Grill is also a famous taqueria that serves some of the best tacos in town. Our taco menu is full of mouth-watering crowd-pleasers. Our tacos don’t just come packed with juicy meats like tenderloin steak, spicy barbacoa, smoked pork, and green chile chicken… Our vegetarian and fish tacos in Albuquerque are also to die for. If you’re craving seafood, we have some garlic or tequila lime sautéed shrimp and pan-seared tilapia tacos ready for you!


Street Tacos in Albuquerque

Street tacos are basically mini-tacos that fit in the palm of your hand. If you’re looking for street tacos in Albuquerque, try our Old Town Street Tacos. In one taco plate, you get three classic corn tortillas packed with delicious ingredients, your choice of taco meat, and a serving of fire roasted salsa. Backstreet Grill is a high-quality taqueria and one of the best Mexican restaurants in Albuquerque. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed with our Albuquerque street tacos.


Taco Tuesday, NM

If you want to brighten up your week by celebrating Taco Tuesday in NM with a satisfying taco and tequila menu, you don’t have to rack your brain wondering, “Where can I buy tacos near me?” Just drop by Backstreet Grill at Old Town, Albuquerque. For Taco Tuesday in Albuquerque, we offer discounts and serve specials of some of the best tacos in New Mexico. Backstreet Grill is one of the best taco places in the city, so good luck picking from our menu because all our tacos are pretty amazing!

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