Best Restaurants in Old Town Albuquerque

Best Restaurants in Old Town Albuquerque

Explore the winding, picturesque streets of Old Town Albuquerque. The area is the quaintest spot in the city to shop, eat, and walk around. Enthusiasts of street photography and cultural history will enjoy the vintage adobe architecture, the San Felipe de Neri Church built in 1793, the Old Town Plaza, and the area’s museums. Old Town’s traditional and historic offerings extend into its diverse, flavorful cuisine enjoyed in authentic restaurants. Come and find the best restaurants in Old Town Albuquerque.


The 10 Best Restaurants Near OldTown

People on America’s favorite crowd-sourced review site, Yelp, have agreed on the 10 best restaurants in Old Town Albuquerque. Naturally, Backstreet Grill ranks high on the list for its tasty renditions of Mexican and Southwest Baja cuisine. Guests love the expertly prepared dishes, selection of drinks, and exquisite seasoning of our Old Town Albuquerque restaurant. It remains the best reviewed eatery in the heart of Old Town Albuquerque. Travel a bit up North to discover more amazing haunts, as well as South along Central Ave. towards Downtown for more famous Albuquerque restaurants.


Historic Restaurants in Old Town

Old Town Albuquerque is full of history, as seen in its architecture and landmarks. Many of the iconic buildings in the area were built in the 1800s, and some of them are even older. Several of the historic restaurants in Old Town Albuquerque are housed in buildings constructed way back in the 1700s. There are several locations that have been serving food through several generations, making them some of the oldest restaurants in Albuquerque.


Restaurants Near Old Town

Cities in New Mexico are generally great places for foodies, and many of the best Albuquerque restaurants can be found around the vibrant outskirts of Old Town. For example, if you travel to the commercial district of Downtown Albuquerque you will find more amazing places to eat on the way. Restaurants near Old Town Albuquerque exhibit a wide array of international cuisines, putting the city’s cultural diversity of ethnicities and tastes on full display.


Restaurants in Old Town Albuquerque

Walk around to soak in the sights and take a break in one of the restaurants in Old Town for a refreshing drink and a bite to eat. There is no shortage of regional cuisine, Mexican themed restaurants, and friendly people willing to show off Albuquerque, New Mexico’s signature brand of hospitality. Don’t forget to stop by Backstreet Grill to see what the buzz around Chef Christopher James Cordova is all about. Alongside our distinctly Mexican and Baja style dishes, we also serve the best pizza in Albuquerque.


Old Town Albuquerque Mexican Restaurants

Old Town is famous for its top rated Mexican restaurants in Albuquerque. Both residents and hungry visitors enjoy traditional Mexican favorites, comforting Southwest staples, and iconic Baja dishes surrounded by the aesthetic ambience of the historic district. In Old Town, fresh ingredients are combined with savory spices, for both discerning local taste buds and international fans of the regional fare. Backstreet Grill offers imaginative twists on distinctly Mexican, Southwest, and Baja style cuisine while staying true to its roots. We pride ourselves in being one of the best Mexican restaurants in Albuquerque.

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