Best BBQ Restaurants in Albuquerque

Best BBQ Restaurants in Albuquerque

For succulent, melt in your mouth barbecue there is no better choice than Backstreet Grill. This popular restaurant is well known for its delicious barbeque fare that is packed full of flavor and spices. With signature dishes such as the Red Chile Pulled Pork Sandwich, visitors are sure to leave completely satisfied and planning their return visit. As one of the 10 best BBQ restaurants in Albuquerque, diners enjoy the calm and casual dining room as well as the delicious BBQ menu items that yield mouthwatering flavors.


What is Vinegar Based Barbecue

Vinegar based barbecue sauces are available in a wide variety of compositions and can be tailored to match the chef’s preferences. These sauces are delicious and have a sweet and tangy flavor that compliments barbecued meat perfectly. Backstreet Grill uses a proprietary blend of spices to create delicious sauces for their barbecue dishes. These dishes are excellent to enjoy on special occasions as well as for party catering, lunch catering, and any other special event catering.


What is Mopped and Dry Based Barbecue

Mopped and dry based barbecue is one of the best kept techniques of the barbecue masters. When barbecued meat is cooked over an open fire, the flame and air can dry out the meat and toughen it. To remedy this, the mop technique was born in which a small mop-like tool is used to splash a slightly watered down solution over the meat to moisten it. This style of cooking is great for party catering and buffet catering as well.


Brazilian Barbecue

If you are looking for the 15 best places for a barbecue in Albuquerque, Backstreet Grill is your first choice. They offer the best of Brazilian barbecue as well as Mexican food catering, BBQ catering, lunch catering, and more. Their menu catering selection abounds with tasty and delicious Brazilian barbecue that will have your guests talking about your event for weeks.


Baja Style Barbecue

If you are looking for catering Albuquerque restaurants offering Baja style barbecue, let Backstreet Grill be your first choice. They offer an extensive selection of richly prepared meals that are chock full of authentic ingredients. Their event catering Albuquerque menu, as well as their traditional menu feature a variety of dishes that are sure to appeal to you and your guests.

Consider Backstreet Grill for all of your dining and catering needs. Give us a call to schedule a reservation today!

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